Weight lifting – increase your muscle size and strength

Weight lifting when done regularly will certainly increase your strength. For men, lifting weights will increase the muscles size into a large amount, but weight lifting for women will not typically increase the size of your muscles for they don’t have the amount of testosterone needed to have a bulk of muscles. It will only tone women’s muscles and lighter equipment for lifting is advisable for women.

Burn Fats with Weight Lifting For Women

Lifting heavy equipment such as barbells and dumbbells to increase muscle size and strength is what weight lifting means. This type of exercise can be done at the gym or at home as long has you have the right equipment to use. The gym can be an intimidating place for most people, but the free weights area invokes a fear for beginners. If you are curious what’s happening inside the weightlifting room and have been staring from afar, it’s your time to take the leap.

Types of Weight Lifting Equipment

Below is a guide to common free weight equipment in gyms and their uses:

  • Barbells – There are different types of barbells and one should select wisely depending on your aim.
    • Fixed weight barbells – These barbells have a fixed weight and shorter in length. You can use them just like other types of barbells.
    • Barbell collar clips – These are used to hold plates in place to prevent them from falling at the ends when you start moving the barbells.
    • EZ curl bar – This is typically designed for curling exercises such as spider curls and triceps presses. It’s funny and wiggly shape allows a natural hand grip when doing a curling exercise.
    • Olympic barbell – This barbell is advisable for Olympic lifting. It is 7 feet in length and weighs 45 pounds.



  • Benches – These are commonly used on free weight section and have different uses.
    • Decline bench – This bench is usually used for declining exercises such as decline sit ups and triceps extensions.
    • Flat bench – This bench is usually used as support in different types of exercises such as chest presses and decline push.
    • Hyper extension bench – This bench is commonly used for strengthening your back and core muscles. When exercising, you can hook your feet on the rollers and rest your thighs on the padding.
    • Incline bench – This bench is commonly used when performing exercise while in sitting position and it has a back support.
    • Olympic bench – This bench is usually used for bench presses and decline bench presses. There are some Olympic benches that are flexible that can be adjusted to incline, decline or even flat.
    • Preacher bench – This bench has angled pad to support your upper arms while doing bicep exercises for stability.


  • Dumbbells – They are the best choice if you want to build strength in particular muscles or muscle groups.


  • Power towers – These are great equipment for working on any hanging exercise like as L-hangs, dips and pull ups. They have different types of arrangements, but this equipment is huge and tall equipment with cords, pulleys, weights and zero gears.
    • Captain chair – This chair have arm and back padding, dip bars and pull up bar.
    • Dip station/Pull up – These are not commonly used in gyms for some gym equipment already have them attached like the captain chair.


  • Racks – This type of rack is an exercise rack not a storage rack.
    • Power rack – Is probably the most flexible gym equipment. This rack includes adjustable to any height dip bars, pull up bar and spotter arms. This is also advisable for heavy and multi joint lifts that requires spotter arm or hooks.
    • Smith machine – This equipment is a cross between a free weight barbell and a machine. It has a J-hook fastening device like a spotter. This equipment is only good for exercises that require vertical barbell movement.
    • Squat rack – This rack is obviously for squatting only. This rack has hooks for barbell storing, two pegs used for holding plates on the side and two spotter arms.


  • Weight plates – These are usually put on the ends of the barbell to add up weight when doing weight liftingexercise. However, they can be used also for body weight exercises. For example, you can put a plate at your back while doing push-ups.


Basic Weight Lifting Workout Routines

Beginner Weight Lifting Routines

  • Beginner strength – This simple workout routine’s goal is to form functional strength by means of working on big barbell lifts.
    • Equipment needed: 1 barbell and additional weight plates
    • The 5 lifts: Back squat, barbell row, bench press, deadlift and military press
    • Best for: For men and women, beginner to intermediate level of fitness that are considering to build a complete strength to improve their quality of life by increasing functional fitness and strength capability.
    • Not best for: For men and women who wants bodybuilding and looking for a weight-loss routine.
    • The method: Lifts are divided into 2 parts, A days and B days. On each workout you will add 2.5-5 pounds of weight to the lifts from your previous workout. By the end of the routine, you ought to be strong to handle lifting 20-35 pounds heavier than the weight that you started with.


  • Transform Your Body – This is a four-week handy fitness training routine specifically designed for women who are tired doing cardio exercises and want best results.
    • Equipment needed: A barbell with weight plates, dumbbells, indoor bike and rowing machine (totally depends daily)
    • The movements: Exercises includes burpees, deadlifts, lunges, push presses, sprints, squats, rowing, running and more (totally depends daily).
    • Best for: For women with all levels of fitness, especially those that are discouraged with the lack of effects from their current workout routines. Women that are looking to add shape to their bodies, skinny women who want to add weights on their leg section and slim arms and those who have been struggling to lose weight using traditional methods are likely to benefit.
    • Not best for: For men and women that have health problems or existing discomforts and pains that do not allow for strenuous exercise like jumping or high intensity exercises.
    • The method: This cross fit-style exercise routine uses a combination of high-intensity workouts to lose weight or shed fat and efficient strength movement to build confidence, power and shapeliness.


All About Weight Lifting

Benefits of Lifting Weights

  • Weight training can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • It helps improve flexibility in the hips and knees.
  • It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • It helps build healthy connective tissues and increase stability of joints.
  • It helps boosts metabolism.
  • It helps reduce depression and boost your mood.
  • It helps increase energy.
  • It helps improve body image and boost confidence.
  • It helps you lose body fats.

By using different types of equipment for weight lifting and following a certain routine, you can easily reach your goal whether to add some weight or lose some weight. You have different options to choose from when you want to do this exercise. You can do it at home if you have the equipment needed or you can go to the gym. You can save more money if you buy your own equipment and have them at home than paying a gym member card. It’s quite expensive to go to the gym but there are professional instructors that can help you with what exercise routine is appropriate to achieve your goal. As mentioned above, you can look for your own equipment through this guide.